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Ena Sendijarević



1900. Out on the lush, flowery island of Flores in the Dutch East Indies, middle aged Agathe and her husband Jan are running a plantation. Their marriage is loveless, their relationship conservative.

When Jan suddenly dies, Agathe’s son Cornelis and his pregnant wife Josephine arrive from the Netherlands to help Agathe at the plantation. Their progressive and somewhat naïve ideas disrupt the status quo and create tension in the relationships with the Indonesian workers. When Cornelis has to leave the plantation to save their business, the women are left on their own.

Proportions change further as the women start to shrink, not only in power but also in size. Smaller than ever, they slowly sink into insanity. How long will they be able to hold on in this endlessly colourful environment?


The main characters of Flores are two Dutch women from different generations. Both of them are privileged, but their position is changing and they have to deal with this change. These women are passive oppressors, so to say, upholding a repressive system.

I want to dive deeper into the effects on the psyche of this schizophrenic state of being and express it cinematically. Furthermore, I want to take a closer look at the relationship between femininity and structural violence.

Following the unsettling tone of the works of Juraj Herz and Luis Buñuel, combined with Billy Wilder’s quote, “If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you”, I want to avoid getting killed by using humour and absurdity as my main guides through this period of insanity, which still has much influence on how we perceive our world today.


A surreal, fantastical film about the madness of the colonial rule in the 1900 Dutch East Indies, told from a female perspective.
Ena Sendijarević

Scriptwriter, Film Director

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directed by
Ena Sendijarević

produced byLemming Film
Valschermkade 36F
1059 CD, Amsterdam

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