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Miki Polonski

Israel, France


Between mountain curves and endless rows of public housing, through shifting landscapes of faith and pain, four people exist. A mother, a father, two brothers: a family. Omer, the older brother, takes care of them all. His younger brother Uri, married with two kids, is a hopeless gambler who repeatedly pulls the family into darkness, making them weaker and weaker. Pain is transmitted from one to the other.

Omer works in security at the Ben Gurion Airport of Tel Aviv when racism in Israel seems to be at its peak. The harassment of tourists who are about to leave the country is exposed through his actions. In many ways, his behaviour at the airport parallels the actions of his younger brother.

Omer’s relationships with each of his close family members constructs his silent but impossible attempts to hold them together as a family.


The film takes place a few days before Yom Kippur and on the day itself. It is a day of reflection and forgiveness. People fast, pray, and repent their past mistakes. The family in the film believes in God, like many other families in Israel, only on this day. I have memories of this day: that nothing matters; everything you do is grace.

When I was young, I remember my mother telling me and my younger brother, that our grandfather, whom I did not know, was the biggest gambler in their hometown Bender, in Moldova. I never understood why she was so proud of that. Years later, we discovered that my younger brother is a heavy gambler. Can we save those who are closest to us, those whose blood we share? How much can we sacrifice for that same blood, that same flesh?

Omer’s only way to escape the destructive relationships that are eating his soul is to disappear. At the end of the film, he chooses to sacrifice his life, not only for his younger brother, but to regain power over his own destiny.

An immigrant family are unable to liberate themselves from their existential situation.
Miki Polonski

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Miki Polonski

produced byKm Productions
16 Shtand St.
6437426, Tel Aviv

in co-production with
KinoElektron – France

current financial need
€ € 735.000