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Dubravka Turić



Raks, a middle-aged slacker, is in a financial fix. One night, he comes up with a plan for getting rich quickly: he will steal a rhino horn from a museum. Since the plan sounds easy, his friends Bara and Zivko join him. After a series of bizarre, failed attempts, they give up.

Meanwhile, the media reports about the arrest of a corrupted minister and his secret bunker full of priceless works of art and rare hunting trophies. The three friends break into the bunker and finally get a horn. But soon the politician’s henchmen are on Raks’ tail. After a dramatic manhunt which ends in a puppet theatre full of gaping kids, he is caught and forced to return the horn.

Resigned, Raks watches the news about the invaluable masterpieces found in the bunker. Among them is a painting by an unknown artist: Bara, Raks’ friend, has planted his amateur work while stealing the horn. As Bara’s huge exhibition at the National Gallery gathers celebs and politicians, Raks walks away into the bleak Zagreb night.


Rhino is a comedy of the absurd based on true events. Croatia was recently shaken by a series of surreal political affairs. One of them was the flight of a corrupt minister and the discovery of his secret underground bunker, full of priceless works of art and hunting trophies of rare animals. At the same time, small-time criminals were breaking into European natural history museums for “harmless” robberies of the rhino horn.

I merged those motives into a story that follows three friends, “the boys next door”: they wish to make some easy money and find themselves in a series of absurd situations that will lead them into contact with political power wielders.

Through Rhino, I want to show the absurdity of real life in the events that I have witnessed, and to portray the society I am living in: from likable, small-time crooks on one side, to the corrupted and unscrupulous local bigwigs on the other. The passive society in which “opportunity makes a thief” and everyone is out for themselves.


A lazy, unemployed pothead plans to steal and sell a rhino horn to keep up his passive lifestyle.
Dubravka Turić

Scriptwriter, Film Director

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directed by
Dubravka Turić

produced byKinorama
Stoosova 25
10000, Zagreb

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