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Melisa Önel, Feride Çiçekoğlu



After decades of living in Hamburg, Reyhan returns to Istanbul with her husband for a short time. The city she encounters is not the city she has left, and her relationships with her mother and sister do not root her. Reyhan first realizes that she has lost her sense of smell. Without scents, she feels her body is failing her, and to establish new bonds with life, she decides to leave it all behind.

Reyhan vanishes. She secretly moves into her late grandmother’s flat, gets a random job at a hotel, and meets a sensual blind man. As she ventures, chasing after scents, she realizes that her previous life will not unleash her. When she sees a missing person flyer of herself in an underpass, she suddenly becomes invisible. From that moment on, an unseen Reyhan moves through the city.

She explores sensuality without the visible presence of a body. A voyeur with no responsibility.
Is this what it means to be free?


Suddenly is an atmospheric film that aims at luring the senses of its viewers to explore what it feels like to be a character who has lost the sense of smell and is losing visibility.

We follow our character’s curiosity that has never been tapped into, like a feared dark side, which leads her further away from the roles she is expected to fulfill – mother, daughter, wife, responsible, rooted. We feel strongly about our character becoming invisible as both a form of transgression and a way to question agency and womanhood.

As we worked on the script, we were tackling issues of what is considered to be “permissible” in terms of female desire: where the private and the public space and self begins and ends? What it means to be a woman, to be selfish, to desire and walk in the streets? Is being invisible, a voyeur and a flâneuse, a chance to redefine our character?
Does Reyhan have a chance for freedom? We hope to question.


Feeling lost without scents, Reyhan becomes a flâneuse in İstanbul to establish new bonds with life.
Melisa Önel

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Feride Çiçekoğlu


production notes

original title

directed by
Melisa Önel

produced byVigo Film
Anadolu Sok. 23/4 Beyoglu

in co-production with
Beatrice Films –Turkey

written by
Feride Çiçekoğlu

current financial need
€ € 750.000