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The Permanent Picture

Laura Ferrés Moreno

Spain, France


Carmen, a 52-year-old casting director working at the same advertising agency for years, lives in Barcelona, the next Venice, a city smothered by its own success. Carmen’s body is changing because of menopause, her mother Antonia needs a hip operation, and Carmen’s routine is rocked when her superior, Mario Senior, is replaced by his heir, Mario Junior.

Carmen becomes an endangered species in this environment beset by Mario Junior’s good intentions and modernizing plans: pep talks by a company happiness coach; an open plan office which has transformed the old space into a panopticon; a new intern, Federico, who may be there to replace her. In this world in crisis, one supposedly brimming with opportunities, the new version of the agency is built on the same foundation as the old one.

Thanks to Carmen’s irreverence, her sense of humour and the unexpected friendship she forges with Federico, advertising becomes “a supposedly fun thing she will never do again”.


My years working as a casting director in advertising were quixotic. Like all liberal professions, advertising plays upon one’s dreams: in other words, one must not only be willing to be exploited, but must also be grateful for the opportunity to be exploited.

In this world, where youth is a precious asset exalted by advertising, and in a film industry crammed with nostalgic productions that pander to the good old days, I would like to portray a 52-year-old woman who looks into the future. Someone who, despite working in an industry which feeds on stereotypes, defies stereotypes; who helps to create a fake world, but who ends facing it; who is the result of how this work experience transformed me, and how middle-age people I know faced a new employment situation due to the financial crisis.

An attempt to talk about the re-evaluation of those promises of autonomy and fulfilment through work, as well as the construction of identity through images and the other’s gaze.

Can we trust images?


In the invisibility of middle age, a woman makes a living from images without resisting their power.
Laura Ferrés Moreno

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
La Imagen Permanente

directed by
Laura Ferrés Moreno

produced byFasten Films
Ciudad de Granada, 45 Ático

08005 , Barcelona

in co-production with
Le Bureau – France

current financial need
€ € 1.500.000