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George Sikharulidze, Vladimer Katcharava

Georgia, France, Romania, Germany

TFL Awards




When his father leaves for a monastery to become a monk, Sandro falls into a spiral of teenage uncertainties. With a mother working abroad illegally and a grandma too old to replace a parent, he is left practically alone. To support his father, he turns to religion himself and without realising it, starts falling into Orthodox Christian fundamentalism.

This comes at the peak of Sandro’s sexual awakening, creating in him a conflict between body and soul. Convinced sex before marriage is sinful; he represses his desires towards his high- school sweetheart, Tina, and instead starts to manifest all this frustration in inappropriate ways. He falls under the influence of Lasha, who lures him into a rising Christian Fascist movement that spreads xenophobia and enacts violence against Middle Eastern immigrants.

Sandro fights for survival and tries to make sense of the notions of faith, love and manhood – a trial that will eventually prove to be a revelation of his humanity.


I feel an immense urgency to tell this story because what happens to Sandro is based in part on my experience growing up in Georgia and because, at the same time, today it echoes the predicaments of many young people in Europe and beyond.

This kind of social system affects young people who will be the adults of tomorrow and shape the future of the country. What kind of citizens will a society produce if its teenagers are at risk of being traumatized into psychological damage? How can these boys develop a healthy sexual life? How will they treat women in this patriarchal society?

I want to explore how religious and ideological fundamentalism can lead young men towards unhealthy sexual behaviour, trauma, alienation and violence that will haunt them through their adulthood and affect their relationship to the world.

Sandro is kind at heart, but he falls on the wrong path and I want to deliver him from this trap as he tries to survive a painful search for love and meaning in this society.


When his father leaves him to become a monk, Sandro struggles between faith and awakening sexuality.
George Sikharulidze

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Vladimer Katcharava


production notes

original title

produced by20 Steps Productions
10a Akhmeteli str.
0159, Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia

in co-production with
Arizona Productions – France
Tangaj Productions – Romania
Rohfilm Factory – Germany

current financial need
€ 800.000