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The Quiet Migration

Malene Choi Jensen



In the countryside of Denmark, a meteorite falls from the sky creating a big hole in the field. Here lives the 19-year-old boy Carl, who was adopted from the Philippines, and helps his Danish adoptive family to secure the survival of the farm. His father wants him to inherit it, but it is proved too big of a burden for Carl, recently out of high school.

At a family gathering tensions rise, and several of Carl’s uncles burst out racist comments – some directed towards the boy. He almost turns white as a ghost, but one of the waitresses, Marie, an adopted Chinese woman, sees his struggle and an unspoken kinship springs up between them. She becomes a friend he can summon to share his sorrow of losing his original family with. Something his Danish family perceives as a threat to their relationship.

Carl reconnects with his past and turns to nature, which has been calling for him. He lies in the forest with Marie. Together, it becomes easier to have a body out of place and Carl feels ready to build a home with his new family at the farm.


Am I allowed to be here? How do you live your life, when you live in a farm with your adoptive parents, who are unaware of the fact that they have actually formed a multicultural family? That body and ethnicity mean everything to others and your possibilities to find friends, love and achieve intimacy. What does it mean to have a body out of place?

The Quiet Migration shows how subtle assaults slowly cement into the protagonist’s soul, who starts to feel that he does not belong to the world that he is thrown into. The need to belong is undeniably a universal need that resonates in all of us. I want this to be vivid throughout the story, told with naturalistic scenes combined with magical moments. I want to shed a light on some of the unforeseen consequences of transnational adoption.

The things that are too embarrassing and too difficult to talk about and to live with.


How do you find your home in a world where your body is out of place?
Malene Choi Jensen

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Stille Liv

directed by
Malene Choi Jensen

produced byManna Film
Valdemarsgade 56, 5th
1665, Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

current financial need
€ € 1.500.000