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Three Days of Fish

Peter Hoogendoorn



65-year-old Rotterdam-born Gerrie suffers from COPD and has lived in the clean Algarvian air with his Cape Verdean second wife for years. He visits his hometown once a year for his check-ups and routine visits, reuniting with his only son, 35-year-old Dick, who has unparallelled world views one could just as easily call mental health issues.

Although Dick now has a girlfriend, Bianca, and seems to be doing a little better, even though he is not too keen on having sex with her, Gerrie has been shutting his eyes to his son’s issues over the years. He has a fixed itinerary he needs to complete and would rather not let conversations go too deep. Dick’s expectations for the visit are always too highly strung.

In a 3-day road movie, we follow father and son during their annual reunion, watching their unspoken attempts to find affection between the lines of their highly combustible communication.


Three Days of Fish is a portrait of a father and a son mainly focused on the dynamics between them. In their endless small accusations and insinuations, Dick and Gerrie are showing the opposite of unconditional love. Yet while discovering their unfulfilled desires we come to understand that they desperately want to come closer to each other.

Using simple, everyday actions and “liminal moments”, I intend to create intimacy and connection between the audience and the characters. The spirit of the film is simple, understated and contemplative.

Next to family dynamics, this film is about the transience of life. While wishing desperately for Dick and Gerrie to show more of their truly-felt affection for each other, people in the audience might be reminded of their own family ties.


A dry-witted road movie following a father and a son during their 3-day annual reunion.
Peter Hoogendoorn

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Drie Dagen Vis

directed by
Peter Hoogendoorn

produced byCirce Films
Da Costakade 176 HS
1053 XE, Amsterdam

current financial need
€ € 1.600.000