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Laurynas Bareisa, Klementina Remeikaite



Paulius and Indrė arrive at a small town near an airport. They go to the terminal but do not board a plane. They visit a shop but leave without buying anything. They wait at a bus stop looking at an empty space beside it.

On the second day, they visit a house and pretend to buy it. They first ask to visit the cellar of the house, but they get recognized by the owner and thrown out.

Soon, people in town start guessing the motives of these visits when it becomes apparent that Paulius is the brother and Indrė is a former girlfriend of a boy who was kidnapped, tortured, raped and brutally murdered here four years ago.

Undisturbed by the mood of the locals, Indrė and Paulius carry on recounting the steps of the gruesome crime. Finally, they come to the forest where, on the last night, it all ended, but they are unable to find the exact tree near which it happened.


I did my last short film in my parents’ hometown of Karmėlava, an ordinary small town in Lithuania. While scouting for locations, I kept hearing about different crimes that happened around town: a boy raped and thrown into the river, a girl killed in a forest path, an old woman burnt alive.

Standing in the exact spot where something so horrible happened and not seeing any traces made me think about the immense ability of a place to witness an event and not give it away. On the contrary, a person can be unable to forget an event he did not even see. If you do not know what happened there, the place will not reveal it to you. But when you know, the seemingly random place becomes unbearable.

So working back from this image of a person standing in a nondescript place and crying because he is feeling something so immense towards it, I created the fictional story of "Pilgrims".

Through this story, I want to talk about the relation between a person, memory and space.

budget, distribution & sales

"Pilgrims" is Laurynas Bareisa’s first feature film. It is the continuation of the work we did with his four previous short films. During this period, we co-founded a film production company in order to have a platform to pursue our projects independently. Our estimated budget is € 430.000. We are planning to secure 80% of our budget through the Lithuanian Film Center by the end of February 2020. We are confident in obtaining these funds because of the strong short film track record of the director. In addition, we are looking for potential partners outside of Lithuania for the remaining 20%. This includes visual post-production, editing, distributors and sales. We are currently in advanced stage of development: casting and locations are confirmed. Shooting is planned for Summer 2020. "Pilgrims" has features of a psychological thriller, so we would like to concentrate on this genre aspect in its promotion strategy.


Two people go back to a place they have never been to.
Laurynas Bareisa

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Klementina Remeikaite


production notes

original title

directed by
Laurynas Bareisa

produced byafterschool
Lvovo 11-25
LT-09313, Vilnius
Lithuania, Lithuania

total production budget
€ 386.000