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About the End

Cristina Picchi, Costanza Julia Bani, Jesper Kurlandsky

Sweden, Lithuania, Italy


The end, whether seen as a religious experience bound to a final day of judgment, as a political threat of weapons of mass destruction, a natural disaster or an ecological issue, evokes the universal human fear of our powerlessness and finiteness.

About the End explores the concept of “apocalypse”, in its emotional, metaphorical, philosophical and socio-political manifestations, ultimately touching on themes such as human transiency and vulnerability. The film will develop as the interplay of multiple storylines, unfolding through different extreme situations across different continents, exploring a past, a present and a future apocalypse.

In Indonesia, we will be with a community living at the edge of Mount Merapi, one of the world’s most active volcanoes; in Europe, we will accompany the everyday life of a “prepper”, a person who is getting equipped and mentally ready to survive an imminent catastrophe; in Quebec, we will follow the dismantling works of a series of radar stations that were built during the Cold War to detect nuclear attacks.


Through About the End, I look to create an immersive audiovisual experience that depicts the beauty and horror of what being alive – and therefore vulnerable – means, the challenges that we are facing as individuals and as a collectivity, and how both our realistic and perceived fears might change the course of our lives.

budget, distribution & sales

The production budget of About the End is estimated to be € 740.000. The project is currently planned as a co-production between Sweden, Lithuania and Italy and we wish to attach a Canadian producer as well. It received development funds from the Swedish Film Institute and the Sundance Institute, so far. The participation of Sweden in the production financing plan may include funding from the Swedish Film Institute as well as from SVT or HBO and the Sundance Production support. We hope to receive the Lithuanian Film Center’s support to minor co-production, Italy’s Toscana and Lazio Film Commission, RAI Cinema and MiBACT, as well as the support from the Canadian National Film Board or the Quebec agency SODEC, beside an automatic tax credit. Finally we aim to apply for Eurimages. In Canada we aim for a pre-sale to TFO, Télé-Québec, the digital platform ICI TOU.TV. We are currently in discussion with two Swedish distributors who could enter a distribution agreement with a minimum guarantee. We also have an interest from Cinetic Media as sales agent for the North American territories and we are looking for a partner to cover the rest of the world. Our goal is to premiere in 2021 at an A-class festival such as Locarno, Toronto, Venice or the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam; or in 2022 at Sundance or Berlinale. We expect a Scandinavian theatrical release around Spring 2022.


A film about the apocalypses that we have survived, and those that we are still waiting for.
Cristina Picchi

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Costanza Julia Bani


Jesper Kurlandsky


production notes

original title
About the End

directed by
Cristina Picchi

produced byFasad Production
Tomtebogatan 14a
11339, Stockholm

in co-production with
Just a moment – Lithuania
Kino Produzioni – Italy

total production budget
€ 740.000