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Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum, Ronen Ben-Tal



A house has no function, if it is not lived in; the body has no value, if we do not identify with it; and the heart has no comfort, if it has no love.

Sasha is a 28-year-old man. He moved to Israel from the former Soviet Union with his family in 1990, back when he still had his hair in two ponytails. Today, he has nothing more than an old car and a notebook. He tries to understand why.

One day, on the road to Tsfat, the first city he lived in after moving to Israel with his family, he comes across an injured fawn and carries it to the local clinic. Between visits to the clinic and time nursing the fawn, Sasha decides to stay in Tsfat. He finds a job, sleeps in his car, visits every house and places he used to spend time when growing up, trying to catch up with his conflicting memories.


By blurring the lines between past and present, male and female, reality and fantasy, the film tells a story that takes place inside and yet shows outwards – and vice versa.

Sasha returns to the houses he has lived in as a child, in essence reclaiming the home that only he can provide himself. His journey reveals a personal and poetic perspective that does not provide definitive answers but rather woos the viewers in, as partners in his quest for reclamation.

The visual language of the film follows Sasha’s journey and echoes the most inner voice of this language-less androgynous émigré by documenting his daily activities, seen through his eyes and echoed deep in his heart. This is achieved through diary entries and documentary footage from his younger life, references to other works of art and wide shots showing the entire scope of his subjective reality.

budget, distribution & sales

Houses received development support from the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, and we recently submitted the project to the Israel Film Fund. Our estimated budget is € 400.000. We expect to secure 70% of the funding from Israel and we are looking for an international co-producer to cover the rest of the budget. We are also looking for a sales agent to help us bring the film to an A-class festival premiere, in order to boost its domestic and international distribution. We aim to establish Nicole Veronica Tetelbaum as a new talented and daring voice of the Israeli and international cinema.


Sasha has nothing except his car. He sets out on a journey of self-discovery, forced to contend with his deepest fears.
Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Ronen Ben-Tal


production notes

original title

directed by
Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

produced byPlan B Productions
10 mPumbedita street
64234, Tel Aviv

total production budget
€ 390.000