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The Pretender

Michael Kinirons, Arnaud Bénoliel

Ireland, France


1490. England has been torn apart by civil war. The King, Henry Tudor, has no legitimacy. The nation is more divided than ever.

Secret cells of spies and double agents have grown all over the country, plotting against the new regime. They are led by the inscrutable Duchess of Burgundy, a woman bent on revenge. She is scheming to gain international support for their cause while feeding the rumour that the true heir of the English throne is in hiding, waiting to return.

This world is turned upside down when a singular and ambitious young man appears on the scene, claiming to be the missing Prince... His real name is Perkin Warbeck, a con-man from dirt poor origins, who was sold as a kid by his father for the price of a meal.

Thanks to his uncanny impersonation, he begins an ascension to the highest circles of power. Everyone wants to meet him, assess him, use him, or kill him. Deception and conspiracy rule as the Pretender’s very existence threatens the political and social order of the times.


How do lies and stories shape our reality?

Based on real events, The Pretender explores a universal truth about how we behave in society. The experience of the imposter. We all wear a mask. Some pay a high price for it.

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1490. A con-man from dirt-poor origins passes himself off as the rightful heir to the English throne.
Michael Kinirons

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Arnaud Bénoliel

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
The Pretender

History, Drama, Thriller