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Nara Normande, . Tião, Justin Pechberty

France, Brazil, Germany

TFL Awards




Tamara, a 14-year-old girl, is about to leave her native village to go studying in Brasilia. One day, she hears about a girl nicknamed Heartless because of the scar on her chest left by a heart surgery. Heartless’ father is a fisherman with whom she goes out fishing. It is during one of these expeditions that Tamara sees Heartless for the first time, suddenly emerging from the water with an octopus wrapped around her arm.

One evening, at a party, Tamara plucks up the courage to approach Heartless. They dance together for a while.

One day, Tamara decides to follow Heartless and the boys discreetly, leading her to a secluded empty pool where Heartless and the boys have their first sexual experiences. Tamara is still not quite sure how to feel about it. She feels a growing desire she cannot quite understand yet.

Summer is coming to an end and they will never be the same anymore.



We both grew up in the 1990s and deeply cherish the memories of this period of our lives. It was in Guaxuma that Nara heard about a teenage girl nicknamed Heartless and this is how we came to co- direct our short movie, quickly realizing that this experience was going to fuel another project: our first feature together.

Here, we discover Heartless through Tamara, a teenage girl who spends her last summer at the beach before moving away for her studies. It will ignite the understanding of Tamara’s attraction towards girls. Around the two girls, a heterogeneous group of teenagers offer a diversity of storylines.

"Heartless" will deal with topics that are dear to us: the exploration of adolescence, and sudden moments of violence interfering with a certain innocence, sexuality, friendship, and the awareness of the deep social inequalities in Brazil.

These are values we fight for as a counterpoint for what is happening in Brazil, where what is considered as “different” is persecuted.

1996. Tamara is enjoying the end of summer when she hears about a mysterious girl named Heartless.
Nara Normande

Film Director

. Tião

Film Director

Justin Pechberty

Distribution, Production

production notes

original title
Sem Coração

produced byLes Valseurs
40 rue Bouret
75019, Paris

in co-production with
CinemaScópio – Brazil
Komplizen – Germany

current financial need
€ 1.200.000