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Ciudad Sin Sueño

Guillermo García López



La Cañada, on the outskirts of Madrid, is one of the largest illegal settlements in Europe. Ramon, a 12-year-old gypsy boy has always lived there, part of a family with a strong sense of belonging to the community. He sees his surroundings as if it was a mysterious sci-fi setting of the future, filming it through his mobile phone.

Ramon’s family is notified that their house is to be demolished. For the first time, Ramon sees a real chance to leave La Cañada behind, unleashing a hidden desire to live a life different from that of his parents, who will do anything to prevent the eviction.

Ramon’s images shift from a journey to the future to a reflection of his present: they reveal a new vision of his universe and himself, offering him a chance to change his family’s path.


Through Ramon’s eyes, I want to portray a community with which I have a deep bond. I got to know La Cañada six years ago when I was researching the eviction process in Spain after the 2008 economic crisis for my first film. I am now a part of this community, teaching cinema to young people and witnessing many stories.

All of them have a common thread: the dilemma of either putting down roots or abandoning La Cañada.
This dilemma is in Ramon: curious, nonconforming and loyal. His loyalty to his family is called into question when the alluring and unattainable world outside La Cañada knocks at his door. I seek to explore family relationships and how identity is forged in a displaced world, isolated by a system that sows discord between its inhabitants and within families themselves; a Tower of Babel of cultures midway between rural and urban, natural and magical, about to fade away.

This world is a character itself in Ramon’s film; its images mature, as he does, by leaps and bounds.


The images that a young gypsy boy films on his phone reveal his desire to abandon his community.
Guillermo García López

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Ciudad Sin Sueño

produced byTuranga Films
C/ Escorial, 14-3ºD

28004, Madrid

in co-production with
Sintagma Films – Spain

current financial need
€ 1.500.000 (€ 405.000 secured)