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Seven Terrors

Asja Krsmanović, Emina Omerović, Ishak Jalimam

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ghosts from the war past, demons of unconscious traumas, mythological creatures from folk tales… They all will come to life to warn a small industrial city in Bosnia that the end is near.

A former investigative journalist Isak is depressed: his wife left him and he has not worked for months, beaten by a corrupt system that silences his stories. One day, Mirna, the daughter of his former colleague Aleksa, comes to Isak and begs him to help shed light on the mysterious disappearance of her father Aleksa during the Bosnian war. As Isak digs deeper in his battle for the truth against those who are trying to cover it up, he discovers more about Aleksa’s fate, but also the world of demons from the war past.

During their investigation, they will receive many warnings to stop. It seems like every person they meet is hiding something. Everyone has a stake in the future of this polluted city where nightmares are real.


This series gives us opportunity to talk about important political and social aspects of our society through mythology and supernatural elements as a means to explain the terror society is exposed to.

The combination of industrial, post-war Bosnian province, mythology, and mystery story plot, gives a new perspective on problems that created a polluted society for the new generations.

We want to tell a universal story about an individual who is fighting for a better and more just world.

A former journalist wants to find out the truth in a world where illusion and reality became one.
Asja Krsmanović


Emina Omerović


Ishak Jalimam


production notes

original title
Sedam Strahova