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Marijana Verhoef, Luisa Leopold



Hotheaded 45-year-old police veteran Lily gets teamed up with self-controlled 22-year-old recruit Velda for Hannover’s Special Victims Unit. From day one, Velda clashes
with Lily’s disregard for the rules as she tries to save every violated woman who comes her way. While investigating their cases, however, Lily has no clue that her new partner spends her off duty time seeking out sex offenders and choking them to death.

Convinced that Velda fears men, Lily forces her to consult her idol, imprisoned murderer Vincent, who is famous for writing about female victimhood. As Velda realizes her dark
urges stem from being born a child of rape, her double life starts to bleed into the investigations, resulting in a number
of “accidental” deaths.

Upon discovering that Lily endures violence by her own teenage son, Velda wants to set her free from her burden. Once Lily starts piecing together Velda’s involvement in
the series of disappearing men, the two policewomen find themselves in a strange double bind.

In the shadow of her veteran partner, a rookie cop leads a double life as a serial killer.
Marijana Verhoef

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Luisa Leopold


production notes

original title

produced byStickup Filmproduktion
StickUp FIlmproduktion
10717, Berlin

Crime, Thriller