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Margo Roe, Lucy Meer

United Kingdom


In a forgotten working class village on the outskirts of Nottingham, United Kingdom, five teens are chomping at the bit to burn their school uniforms and let their hair down. Flo, Kelly, Joe, Kieva and Theo have finished the last day of school, and have six weeks of freedom before adulthood smacks them in the face. It is all last chance saloon as Joe tries to lose his virginity, Kieva goes head to head with a gang of 11-year-olds, Kelly confronts a family feud leaving Theo to desperately avoid his impending fate and Flo is battling with feelings of betrayal toward her family.

"Coalville" aims at renewing teen drama through a working class lense, addressing the inevitable betrayal of class, family, friends, dreams and future self. This is all to be experienced through a fusing of traditional narrative with dance and movement, movement that continually entwines within each scene that comes innately from the characters and presents as a duality with the dialogue.


"Coalville" intertwines traditional narrative with dance and movement, mixing styles from music videos and performance art to create a compelling and unique approach to teen drama. The simultaneous use of movement and dialogue is all encompassing within the world. It is not a metaphoric device only visible to the spectating eye: the world and characters are aware of the movement and this distinctive way in which they express themselves. Movement is an extension of their personality, for those subconscious thoughts, surges of energy and when they cannot find the words.

This is not "Billy Elliot", this is a world where the basics of communication are founded in behavioural movement. Music is at the forefront in characterising the project, bridging the gap between traditional narrative drama and the world of expression seen in music videos and commercials.

It will be grounded with British humour, looking to the works of Shane Meadows to capture a working-class
larger than life spirit.

Five teens have six weeks of summer and rebel against their inevitable enrollment into adulthood.
Margo Roe

Film Director, Writer

Lucy Meer


production notes

produced byStrive Films
21 Glebe Road
United Kingdom