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30 Bullets

Arash T. Riahi, Arman T. Riahi



With a total of thirty bullets, gunmen brutally execute three high-ranking Kurdish-Iranian politicians and one of their associates at point blank range inside the Greek restaurant "Mykonos" in Berlin in the early 1990s.

Survivor and witness Parviz D. strongly suspects a state-led assassination, but German authorities blame a militant Kurdish group. Fearing the death of his friends will be in vain, Parviz tries to raise pressure on the investigation when evidence affirming his suspicion emerges.

Together with an unchallenged journalist, he forces the poker-faced federal prosecutor Bruno J. to put his life and that of his family in danger by acting against the interests of his own government, who, for the sake of economic relations, does everything in its power to protect the
true culprits.

"30 Bullets" is a true crime political drama about the courage of individuals who put their need for justice above their own lives to stop injustice and unmask political failure of Western democracies.


The Mykonos assassinations were the biggest assault by another state on German soil since World War II, sending shockwaves across the continent. In 1992, the fear of impending assaults by the Iranian regime was high among exiled Iranians all around Europe. With the Mykonos murders, the killings came to a sudden halt.

In a time of increasing state-led terrorism, we aim to bring this nearly forgotten chapter of European jurisdiction back into the spotlight. The case went to a 5-year-long trial and the verdict resulted in almost all the European Union’s members recalling their ambassadors from Tehran.

"30 Bullets" is a David versus Goliath dispute at its core, fought on different societal and political levels by courageous people who revealed how far European governments have collaborated with dictatorships. And a cautionary tale about the importance of an independent judiciary that defends the rights of ordinary people when nobody else, not even their state, dares to do so.

After a massacre, a survivor and a prosecutor try to stop the German government from a cover-up.
Arash T. Riahi

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

Arman T. Riahi

Film Director

production notes

produced byGolden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices
Seidengasse 15/3/20
A-1070, Vienna