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Marcsi Tóth, Fanni Szilagyi, Balázs Zachar



As the Hungarian communist regime in 1951 dissolves the catholic orders, 32-year-old Gloria has to leave the convent. Giving up 18 years of isolation and the protection of her stern Reverend Mother, she returns to the family house, but the clumsy pious girl is a misfit at home. Gloria’s unearthly persona annoys her mother and both bitterly realise they have nothing in common.

To avoid humiliation Gloria runs off and starts a life alone. On the industrial countryside her goal is to work and be useful, but getting on with men in the rough outside world turns out to be the biggest challenge. Though constantly struggling with her obedient nature, the hidden rebel girl still awakes in
her, learns to stand on her own feet and fight for her dignity. In the trials she not only gets stronger, but finds a new path in life bringing her closer to God than ever before.

Will she forever be held by the Reverend Mother’s invisible power or will she get rid of the guilt and find peace by the side of a man?


"Gloria" is a drama of a late bloomer, with sarcastic humour and a deep affirmation to life. Although a period piece, the series will be a modern female story to the core with a fresh tone and modern visual style.

While adapting the original novel, the scriptwriter was partly inspired by her own catholic high school years, where defying the old-fashioned rules and questioning authority was often on the agenda of the rebelling kind of students. In our series we would also like to question set-in-stone rules, confront the traditional catholic principles with the profane
situations and characters, and shed light on the hypocrisy of society regarding the ideals of “moral and immoral”.

"Gloria" is the story of a woman who after the long years of marriage to God and submissiveness to earthly powers dares to make her own choices, hence she gains freedom, reaches a more profound level of faith and finds the man she wants to live with.

A young nun has to start a new life in the secular world and face the awakening woman in herself.
Marcsi Tóth

Writer, Scriptwriter

Fanni Szilagyi

Film Director, Scriptwriter

Balázs Zachar


production notes

original title

produced byProton Cinema
Pozsonyi U. 14
1137, Budapest