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The Reset

Lukas Bossuyt, Serge Bierset



One year ago, eco-terrorists destroyed most fossil fuel sources and brought the world to a standstill, just like Covid did. But the world adapted, and many now question if fossil fuels should return at all. Indeed, an upcoming referendum divides the population into those who want them back (YES) and those who do not (NO).

Soetkin, a 17-year-old girl who lives with her two sisters and father Jeroen on their beloved horse ranch, is with the YES camp, unlike Jeroen. She adores her horses, but is sick of ploughing to pay back their mortgage and longs for the life she had before the “Reset”, not least so she can fulfil her dream to travel the world. But when Jeroen suddenly dies,
Soetkin must reset her priorities and put her sisters and the ranch first, realising her only option is to hide Jeroen’s death and lead her family to survival.

She lies to the world that Jeroen is working abroad, but as the net closes in, a secret he took to his grave is uncovered and risks destroying everything.


To avoid being separated and losing their beloved ranch, Soetkin and her sisters secretly bury their own father – an extreme choice, but one he would have wanted to keep the girls together. And it is not just her father she has to hide: Soetkin must also bury her own long-held dreams and put family responsibility before her personal ambitions, a central theme that each character will grapple with in their own way
through the series.

But "The Reset" is not only a heartfelt drama about family. When Soetkin discovers that her father was hiding a notorious pro-fossil fuel bomber on the ranch, it kickstarts a gripping thriller strand which risks all her secrets being exposed and throws her into a zeitgeist debate about the future of the planet that will hugely resonate with a young adult audience.

Seen mainly through the eyes of Soetkin, "The Reset" is a thoroughly relevant coming-of-age drama about a girl in search of both her true identity and her place within her family and the wider world.

In a world cut short of fossil fuels three sisters must battle to save their beloved horse ranch.
Lukas Bossuyt

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Serge Bierset

Production, Financial Consulting / Investor, Others, Television