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Contemporary Road

Alessia Chiesa

Argentina, France


Going through a midlife crisis, Victor takes his three children from two different marriages to Florida, United States, with
the promise of an exciting road trip.

This is the first time the four of them are traveling abroad together. 7-year-old Julia, who does not yet know that her parents are separating, sleepwalks at night and misses her
mum. The two teenagers are from Victor’s previous failed family: 14-year-old Nicolas fends for his father’s recognition without success, and 16-year-old Paula would rather have stayed in Argentina. The half-siblings’ connection is formed by tense relationships as they spend most of the time alone in hotels or amusement parks, while Victor, overwhelmed
by his personal and financial troubles, hijacks the trip by arranging business meetings and running after a new woman.

As the tensions escalate, the many dysfunctionalities in the blended family become evident, forcing them to question the possibility of moving forward – in their trip but also as a family.


I wish to portray the critical moment of this family through the different age perspectives of the children and their father, all playing very different roles in this peculiar assembly. My intention is to tell the story from the point of view of the family as a system, not siding with a specific character.
Through the confrontation of their subjectivities and desires, their vulnerabilities will reveal in a way that will enable us to understand their struggle and have empathy for their situation.

Growing up in a blended family inspired me to represent children’s subjectivities and their interaction with one another as well as with the adult world, along their growing up process. This also leads me to explore (mis)communication inside complex relationships such as family.

My aim is that their journey makes us question our perception of family and the familial roles, ultimately challenging the potential of being our true selves within the inextricable boundaries into which we were born.


A blended family from Argentina takes an overly ambitious road trip to the wonders of Florida, United States.
Alessia Chiesa

Film Director

production notes

original title
Ruta Contemporánea

produced byVolpe Film
Echeverria 1442, ET, Office 49
1428, CABA
CABA, Argentina

in co-production with
Tiresias Films – France

current financial need
€ 1.200.000