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Christoph Rainer


In Patentstadt, a remote town ruled by an ominous patent office, the inventive, yet equally clumsy Alice tries everything to get her invention secured with a patent. But the corrupt patent commission rejects her powerful sensory helmet over and over again. Without the crucial stamp of approval from the patent office, Alice’s invention is useless.

Against all odds, Alice manages to access the patent world via a detour: through the daughter of the dubious patent office director. Repeatedly she tries to present her helmet to convince him and his commission of her invention’s merit, but encounters malicious resistance.

The monstrous patent complex turns gradually into a surreal nightmare and her obsessive pursuit for the patent culminates at a tribunal hearing, where the grand patent council challenges Alice to her core: how far is she willing to go? Will she sacrifice her relationships, her health and her ideals?

Alice’s desire drives her into extreme desperation.


No matter if they are inventions, sports or movies – every industry has its “patents”. Sometimes they are medals, sometimes awards, often just money. These universal objects of recognition operate like societal MacGuffins – sparking the promise of all the things we believe to have been missing all along: acceptance, recognition or even the right to exist.

As the elite stronghold of these vanities, the patent office embodies the central beast of the film. It reflects a conservative, technocratic system that will not let Alice’s dreams come true. I am thrilled to develop this obsessive fairy-tale, because it allows me to confront my own artistic obsession and the risk of losing myself in that pursuit. Consumed with this never-ending chase, where relationships and family appear like hurdles that have to be avoided to get a shot in the “industry”.

"Monument" is my cinematic tribute to this kafkaesque struggle that takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride like Dante’s journey through the inferno.


The gifted inventor Alice ventures out on an obsessive tour-de-force to fight for her masterpiece.
Christoph Rainer

Film Director

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produced byAmerikafilm
Fürbringer Str. 32
10961, Berlin

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