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Ely Chevillot



After twenty years of living abroad, gay choreographer Damien returns to his fishermen family needing to confront his conservative father with his past violent behaviour.

Poisonous jellyfish have invaded the waters off a Brittany village shore, and his father is comatose in hospital, having been heavily stung. Damien is left with waiting for his father to die and helping with the funeral arrangements.

Old family patterns fall back in place as Damien joins the fishermen work, challenged by unusual low tides caused by the jellyfish. His older brother refuses to talk about the past. His nephew expresses queer personality in a way that was never attainable to Damien, and claims he can hear the jellyfish. His brother’s wife awakens new desires, making Damien question his identity.

Damien is stung by a jellyfish. When he awakens, his father is taking care of him, as manipulative as before. But Damien, his father and his nephew have a strange new connection: they can all hear the jellyfish…


"Medusas" is a return-to-hometown story, where the hometown has considerably changed. There is a pervasive sense of apocalypse due to an invasion of giant poisonous jellyfish. Because of this state of emergency, eerie space and time, everyone is unstable and volatile, which is opening many possibilities.

Damien can confront his true identity. He can allow himself to question the definition of masculinity in his family, in a way he never would have dared to before. The circumstances enable him to stop avoiding and instead embrace his own inheritance, to choose what to keep for himself and what to leave behind. The jellyfish invasion creates a safe place for him to accept his own history, including its dark side.

The jellyfish, the uncanny events and the strange meteorological phenomenons, are a lyrical expression of what is incomprehensible to us, everything that is bigger than us, beyond us, and that which we cannot control.


Amidst a jellyfish invasion in Brittany, a man finally returns home to confront his family.
Ely Chevillot

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Les Méduses

produced byBo Dream Productions
Avenue de l'Atlantique 3
1150, Brussels

current financial need
€ 1.300.000