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Deben Van Dam



Lazarus cannot remember who he is, but nobody believes him. Suspected to be an asylum seeker, he wanders the streets of Brussels until he meets a suicidal dentist called Erwin. Lazarus talks Erwin out of killing himself only to find him dead the next day.

Optimistically, Lazarus decides to borrow Erwin’s identity so he can find his own. At first, no one seems to notice Erwin’s disappearance, but it does not take long until Lazarus must deal with the estranged family Erwin has been pushing away.

Lazarus tries to leave, but the family keeps pulling him in. The longer he stays, the more difficult his choice becomes: should he try to construct a new life or rebuild the one that has been erased?


How do I compare myself with someone who owns nothing at all: no home, no money, not even a name nor recognition of one’s existence? How would such a person look at me and vice versa? What would happen if you put the two of us in a room together, forcing us to stare at the inevitable end of life?

It is these kind of thoughts that made me write "Lazarus", a film about the quest that every human being embarks upon to find a sense of belonging. A search for meaning which often is as absurd as life itself.

With "Lazarus", I want to make an idiosyncratic film that tries to rattle the convictions of who we are, or pretend to be. But one that is funny and exciting in a way so that we do not get too afraid.


Lazarus has forgotten everything about himself. So he steals a dead man’s name, to find his own.
Deben Van Dam

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

produced byDe Wereldvrede
Schuurstraat 74 A 103
9040, Sint-Amandsberg

written by
Deben Van Dam, Frederik Willem Daem

current financial need
€ 2.100.000