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Land of Ferns

Ester Martin, Jessika Jankert



In a place swarming of life, play and wildness the siblings Margit and Mika have a world of their own. No one is boy or girl and there are no rules for who can love whom and how. They are best friends and lovers.

One day, Mika leaves Margit to do Military Service and the forbidden between them must end. Margit has no ground anymore. She is a gaping, charming and a bit aggressive girl who never belonged in the small town so she runs away to the bigger city, hoping to find love and friendship.

Margit ends up in a commune with the cynical activist Ina and the nostalgic dreamer Paco. They are annoyingly interested in her. She carries a lot of shame after hiding all her life so she is afraid that they will find out about her past.

Margit starts to realise that the world she thought she had lost may be found and enlarged in this new place. But first she must dare to accept herself. She can either run away again or join the struggle of changing the world here and now.


I want to make a tender movie that breathes, lives and grows. I feel the main character Margit so strongly. She helps me to dare to dream, play and challenge the given.

Imagination is a force that can transform our reality, so it gets bigger and richer. To grow might then not be to climb a ladder, rather, to carefully make a weave. Where the dirty, shameful and uncomfortable may be joined by the warm, pleasing and joyful.

I want to make a non-judgmental careful depiction of a taboo. The focus of the film is not to get caught in a wound but to see how what Margit has been through is transformed into a superpower for healing understanding and struggle.

The film is about growing on their own terms. Being vulnerable and opening your heart is a must to grow, which can be an inspiration to us all. To dare to play, because the futures that we can imagine set the boundaries for who we can become together.


Let’s say you’re my boyfriend, or we tell it like it is. Shove it in their dull faces.
Ester Martin

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Editor

Jessika Jankert


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produced byGaragefilm International AB
Kvarngatan 4
118 47, Stockholm

current financial need
€ 2.300.000