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The Green Parrot

Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter, Lixi Frank

Austria, Germany


20-year-old Masha and 34-year-old Misha are dazzling loners living in Belarus. Nonconformist, headstrong and lonely.

Masha survived a suicide attempt. She spends her summer within the protective walls of her room, as she is not allowed to expose her skin to sunlight. Classes at a modelling school promise her an escape into the world of fashion.

Misha works in a morgue, where he opens corpses. He lives in seclusion with his mother in a small flat, where he arranges the
watchful faces of dead people in opulent oil paintings.

And this is the story of their summer in which their paths are crossing, accidentally on purpose. Masha and Misha escape the suburbs into an enchanted region. There they find magical characters who guide them through the night and hold mysterious prophecies for their future. But what begins like a road trip unravels into a series of mental challenges and offences.

A tale about two wuthering souls, who are tossed between a maelstrom of friendship and mutual attraction and who only through their encounter discover that they are not alone.


In this film we dedicate ourselves to two misfits amid a reality that tries to tame them in two ways: through state repression and shamanic superstition. This idea arose when we met Masha and Misha in Minsk six years ago. Inspired by their biographies we developed a fictional plot in which the two
will be playing themselves.

Masha and Misha find each other in the pursuit of death. Together they dream of breaking free. Underneath it all seethes a deep feeling of shame: the shame of seeing one’s own art as insane or not being able to form relationships out of the fear of being exposed. These fears make them forward-looking characters who must cross boundaries to protect themselves.

Our film tells the story of a shift in time, a new beginning. It is about the rearing of the suppressed and the open questions to a future that is not yet decipherable – like something smoldering in the haze of sultry summer nights.


Minsk in the scorching summer heat. A young model seeking death meets a man who opens bodies in a morgue.
Elsa Kremser

Film Director, Scriptwriter, Production

Levin Peter

Film Director, Production

Lixi Frank


production notes

produced byPanama Film
Geusaugasse 31/4
1030, Vienna

in co-production with – Germany

current financial need
€ 1.500.000 (4.5% already secured)