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Andrea Jaurrieta, Alex Lafuente



Nina was 16 when she left her small coastal town without an explanation. 30 years later, one rainy night, Nina returns for the first time, very ill, seeking revenge.

In a poetic journey into her memories, in which present and past intertwine, Nina travels through her village, discovering with us the reasons for her fleeing and for her return: when she was 15, Nina began a disturbing relationship with Pedro, a renowned 45-year-old writer who abused her. Before dying, Nina needs to kill him, as he is about to receive the town’s tribute for his career. Reconnecting with her memories and especially with Blas, a childhood friend, will make her rethink if revenge is the solution.

Nina faces Pedro in a final duel, but she realises that killing him will only make him a legend. As she prepares to leave, she asks one last question: were there more girls? Following Pedro’s silence, Nina wields her shotgun and asks again…

Only then, she will be able to say goodbye to Blas, to the village, to her life. Forever.


"Nina" is a drama with contemporary western genre elements that stem from a free revision of Chekhov’s "The Seagull". This adaptation places the focus on Nina’s viewpoint (as an adolescent and as an adult) taking the character into action: what would happen if Nina came back to take revenge on the man who abused her? Through "Nina", I want to make a reflection on where are the limits of consent.

Second line of action is linked to the relationship with space and memory. The possibility of redemption from guilt through reconciliation with one’s origins. The town – which was always silent – and its surroundings – apparently fixed in time – become an essential character in the story, accompanying Nina on her final journey towards her memories.

The film is framed in the cultural particularity of my homeland, the north of Spain, through a revision of our roots and traditions, using the poetry and power of our landscapes and folklore as a background in order to talk about a – sadly – universal issue.


A 45-year-old woman, who fled her village as a teenager, returns to avenge the man who abused her.
Andrea Jaurrieta

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

Alex Lafuente


production notes

produced byBteam Pictures
C. Amor de Dios 9
28014, Madrid

in co-production with
Icónica Films – Spain
Irusoin – Spain
Lasai Producciones – Spain

current financial need
€ 2.062.829 (57% already secured)