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The New Illusion

Jasmin Gordon, Julien Bouissoux



In a small town on the border of wild country, Jule, a mother of three children, will not let the overwhelming odds get the better of her. Haunted by her complex past and delinquent tendencies, Jule is prepared to do anything to be a good mother.

However, the warning signs begin to multiply. After she mysteriously disappears from a strip mall parking lot, her children Claire, Loïc and Sami have no choice but to find their own way home. When the family is reunited, the siblings begin to discover the extent of Jule’s double life of deception. They watch things begin to spin out of control as their mother desperately tries to create a garden of Eden in the hostile environment that surrounds them.

Will she allow her children to break through the facade of illusion she has created for them? And what exactly are Claire, Loïc, Sami… and Jule willing to sacrifice for love?


What happens when a mother unravels? Not the desperate, hysterical images we are familiar with, but rather the breaking of a strong individual, a female Michael Douglas in "Falling Down". A woman unable and unwilling to conform while never losing sight of the most important job in the world to her: the safeguarding of her children.

This film is an opportunity to explore my profound interest in the fragility of individual freedom in the face of society and its conventions. To address the questions I ask myself daily: what is lost when we adhere to the expectations of the norm? And just how far are we willing to go to uphold appearances?

Set between the deep natural landscapes and the harsh reality of a decaying small town, this poetic thriller is an ode to a family on the edge of society. A film that rattles our
perception of what a good mother and a loving family should look like, and speaks of children and adults – no matter how atypical – who strive to be free.


Under the inquisitive eyes of her children, a rebel mother fights to find a home for her family.
Jasmin Gordon

Film Director

Julien Bouissoux

Scriptwriter, Writer

production notes

original title
La Nouvelle Illusion

produced bymaximage
Neugasse 6
8005, Zurich

current financial need
€ 1.800.000