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The Wolf Will Tear Your Immaculate Hands

Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

Sweden, Belgium


Early 1800s Latin America. An opulent hacienda awaits on the edge of a misty tropical forest. 30-year-old Isabel, of mixed European and Indigenous descent arrives from England to begin her position as governess in a French-British family. Her task is to educate the two daughters of a recently widowed father.

Neither family nor servant, Isabel becomes a witness to the patriarchal and racist structures of the household. Her pupils, still troubled by the mysterious disappearance of their mother, challenge her beliefs as she tries to uphold Christian standards of decency. With disquieting occurrences in the family, Isabel feels other forces are growing too – animals lurking in the forest, plants creeping under the wallpaper, an
unknown presence inside her…

Resistance grows within all the women in the hacienda, regardless of class or race. One by one, they welcome a feral energy into the house and into their bodies – a force that would rather tear everything apart than continue to be tamed.


Our "Wolf" embraces arthouse sensibility and genre elements, striving to create a cinematic universe embedded in the current discourse of post-colonialism, feminism, nature and representation. The film viscerally explores how norms are passed down from previous generations, aiding the colonisation of natural spaces and female bodies, failing to encourage the growth of humanity as a part of nature – not separate from it.

The women in our story find empowerment in the nature around them, to reach liberation not only from internalised patriarchal and racist views of themselves but also from the storytelling structure itself – becoming increasingly aware
that they form part of a narrative that deprives them of choices.

They choose to welcome the uninhibited invitation offered by the wild, leaving their humanity as the only way of rebirth. And leaving us – audience, silent witnesses – only to imagine
their destinies, as fur and feathers strengthen their skins with independence.


In this house, women will not be tamed anymore. A tropical gothic tale in Colonial Latin America.
Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

produced byHobab
Borgvägen 1-3 (Filmhuset)
115 53, Stockholm

in co-production with
Need Productions – Belgium
Resolve Media – Belgium

current financial need
€ 4.200.000