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Levente Kölcsey



17-year-old Balázs is a chubby and silent boy who seems to go mute when put on the spot. Yet he becomes part of a group of three boys who rob small grocery stores with a fake gun. Balázs gives the money to his parents, whose main source of income is the blood plasma center, where Balazs’ 50-year-old father Csaba regularly exchanges his plasma for money.

Balázs is caught after a robbery and the school and the police start to investigate, involving Balázs and his family. The situation starts to be suffocating for him, but he remains silent in front of them. When his father has an accident and gets hospitalized, Balázs takes over his role and becomes responsible for the family. This leads him to realize that he cannot continue his life as before.

When his friends plan to kill the head of a shooting range to get real weapons, he refuses to join, but they force him to go. When he is sent to look around, Balázs finally finds the courage to take his own decision.


"Rubikon" centers on a family facing extremely difficult living conditions. The lack of jobs, the indifference of the authorities and the old-fashioned education system all predetermine them to stay on the losing side of life.

In the absence of any help, breaking out seems impossible. People have to count on each other, that is the only way to ease their life full of tribulations. They are desperate to grab any possibility that can give them the chance for a slightly better life. Just like his father, Balázs does not shape or change his fate, but the love that they share makes him capable to act when it is needed.

I look for borderline situations in this project, so that I can put forward my questions: where does evil come from? Is it inherent in us or do we become corrupt through external circumstances? Is love in the family enough to prevent immoral decisions?

Through descriptive and observing pictures, focusing on the presence of the characters, we follow the events in long takes.


Joining a group of petty criminals an insecure teenager has to decide how far he is willing to go.
Levente Kölcsey

Film Director

production notes

produced byProton Cinema
Pozsonyi U. 14
1137, Budapest

current financial need
€ 1.100.000