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Little Trouble Girls

Urška Djukić, Jožko Rutar

Slovenia, France


Ljubljana, mid-2000s. To fulfill her mother's expectations, shy and sensitive 16-year-old Lucia enters the local Catholic high school choir. After every singing rehearsal, she gets overwhelmed by increasingly intense physical sensations. Soon, these sensations become explicitly erotic and Lucia starts having vivid sexual fantasies. She gets aroused by her classmates, by the basketball player she meets by chance, and even by the school priest. Getting noticed by the outgoing third-grader Ana-Marija, the two girls become friends.

Ana-Marija offers to be Lucia's kissing mentor and introduces her to ideas of feminism. Boosted by her new friend's confidence, and the increasing awareness of her own sexual power, she grows more and more rebellious. After an unfortunate first orgasm, deep feelings of shame overwhelm her, and the struggle with guilt about her impulses begins.

In a brief exchange at the school concert, Lucia intuitively grasps her mother's deeply rooted grief about repressed desires. There she decides to make her own rules and follow her feelings.


When I was a teenager, I remember experiencing vivid lustful fantasies. I wrote poems about my feelings, but kept them a secret as I felt ashamed about them. Even though my family is not strictly religious, my mother raised me according to the traditional Catholic ideas on what a “good girl” should be like.

Later on, I started understanding how the ideas that were systematically imposed on many generations of girls, mine included – especially those that deal with gender roles, body image and sexuality – are to a large extent rigid and clumsy.

With "Little Trouble Girls", I want to create a sonic and sensual experience that reflects on feelings of guilt and shame as restrictive mechanisms that shape people’s behaviour on a
subconscious level.

Above average sensitivity to the sound and singing in the choir will present an outlet for the main character’s often contradicting emotions, while the intense sensual experience
will make her begin questioning the established morals and values.


16-year-old Lucija navigates between the environment's expectations and her budding curiosity in eroticism.
Urška Djukić

Film Director

Jožko Rutar


production notes

produced bySPOK Films

in co-production with
SISTER Productions – France
Nosorogi – Slovenia

written by
Urška Djukić, Marina Gumzi

current financial need
€ 1.200.000 (6,5% already secured)