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Hamlet From the Slums

Ahmed Fawzi-Saleh, Ahmed Amer



The location of this film is where I used to live for a decade. The people from this neighbourhood are unconventional heroes, simply because living their daily lives is a heroic feat in a way. I want to exalt their existence. They are people with neither grand hopes nor despair. Living in the neighbourhood has allowed me to discover its world from within and gain people’s trust to shoot them intimately.

Our Hamlet’s belief in Sufism is his only way to reach a more spiritual and honorable existence, to be able to survive his harsh reality in an oppressive patriarchal world. This form of
spirituality is cinematic in my opinion, in all its richness and details. Its abundance in colours and music, with influences from Upper to Lower Egypt, will dictate this film.

What interests me most is how Sufism encompasses a visible world and a hidden one. The film will showcase different layers for the story, Hamlet’s tale is one layer, and its hidden meaning and significance to the slum is another.


Ahmed, the Sufi Hamlet, seeks to change the patriarchy of his slum that is oppressing his generation.
Ahmed Fawzi-Saleh

Film Director

Ahmed Amer

Scriptwriter, Production

production notes

original title
هاملت من عزبة الصفيح

in co-production with
Film Clinic – Egypt

current financial need
€ 535.000 (51% already secured)