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Brass Music of Death

Matthias Frahm, Olivia Vieweg



Welcome to Quedlinburg – perhaps the most beautiful German town in the world! It’s the fairytale hometown of the world’s most famous Brass music competition.
Our young hero Elly (12) was not prepared for what happened next: whenever Elly is exposed to brass music, black veins spread on her body! What most people in town don’t know is the dark secret of Quedlinburg. Below the town is an underworld where nightmarish creatures sleep. And what keeps them in their constant state of dizzyness is… the brass music. But there have been incidents where creatures attacked people in town. That’s why “The ones who know” have decided that the time of the underworld should come to an end. They created the most powerful instrument - the glass trumpet. It will seal the fate of the creatures. Now they just need the right person to play it.
Elly discovers her own connection to the underworld. She teams up with her outcast friends to save it, not knowing that she has been tricked…


This show is all about contrast: the most beautiful town with a very dark secret; young people who seek freedom in a world full of old-fashioned traditions. Nothing is as it seems and we will discover that there are friends and enemies where you don’t expect them.
Brass Music of Death follows in the footsteps of series like Stranger Things, Sweet Tooth and films like Pan’s Labyrinth or It (2017).
It is scary yet heartwarming at the same time. We connect with the adult characters who discover that everything they believed is a lie. And we follow the outcast kids into this journey where they will learn that the fight can only be won with the power of music.
Brass Music of Death is a fairy tale shifting between light and darkness, rooted in the here and now.

In a town where brass music separates the good from the evil, a girl discovers a dangerous secret.
Matthias Frahm


Olivia Vieweg


production notes

original title
Blasmusik des Todes

Mystery, Drama