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Ewa Einhorn, Jeuno Je Kim



Krabstadt is an edgy animated series that reflects current topics and events. Situated in the overlap between sitcom, animation and the fine arts, the project uses the potential of animation to be subversive, innovative and complex, while appealing to a broad audience.
Krabstadt is a fictional Arctic town where all the Nordic countries have sent their unwanted. The main characters, Schlop Schlop and KK, are two annoying, yet funny women who work at the Office Of Development.


Krabstadt combines current topics and the fantastical. There is a talking volcano with an anger management problem, a Magic Hill Mall and much, much more. The goal is to develop and establish a new geographical focus and a new feminist agenda. As Krabstadt is set in the Arctic, influences from the neighbouring countries such as Canada, US, Russia, and China sometimes occur in the stories. The visual style is cute and sweet while the content is sarcastic and crude. Krabstadt does not reproduce gender normative visual codes found in most animated figures. Instead the characters subvert stereotypical gender expectations, both visually and in behaviour.
The revolving narrative centres on the exploits of Schlop Schlop and KK and their dealings with peculiar and quirky co-workers, bosses, clients, tourists and the town’s residents. Schlop Schlop is a lazy smart-ass, while KK is a workaholic fuelled by a potent sense of Lutheran guilt. As colleagues, the two are often in conflict with each other, unless united against their vulgar boss-from-hell named IT.
The visual style of Krabstadt mixes existing buildings and landscapes found in the Arctic and Nordic with invented structures that are intended to spark a feeling of the Arctic and Nordic as a magical place.

distribution & sales

Krabstadt is suitable for diverse ways of exploitation; classical short film distribution, exhibitions and performances in distinct art contexts, TV, on-line platforms and games. Krabstadt 01 Whaled Women premiered at the Berlinale Shorts Competition 2013 where it was picked up for sales by KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg. Sold to ARTE and SBS Australia among others. The film is currently distributed by Folkets Bio for teen school cinema. It has also been exhibited in fine arts contexts. Krabstadt 02 Sex & Taxes was produced in 2014. Financed by the Swedish Film Institute, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, KK Nord, Film in Skaane among others. It will premiere at a major European festival in 2015.

A joke from Finland: - What is white and hiding up in a tree? - A shy sour milk.
Ewa Einhorn

Film Director

Jeuno Je Kim

Film Director

production notes

directed by
Ewa Einhorn

Jeuno JE Kim

produced byMonkey Machine Film
Disponent g 27
21157, Malmö

in co-production with
Kamoli Films - Denmark
Helle Ulsteen