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Paul Cioran, Horia Calugareanu



Four maids have to choose if they play clean or fight dirty when they collide with a world of money, fame and power in a luxury hotel.
Dora (16) is a naive country girl in the big city and working in the hotel transforms her lifelong dream. Why be an anonymous cook when you can be a famous chef?
Ioana (23) wants to make her kids proud and erase the shame and prejudice holding her down. Cornelia (45) is endlessly auditioning men to be good fathers to her son.
Mariana (60), the oldest and wisest, will step on many toes so that maids get proper recognition.
With each guest comes another challenge and the ladies must use their invisibility and all area access to do their jobs, stay out of jail and stay alive; be it dealing with a powerful man dying four deaths on top of Dora, a film crew hijacking the entire hotel for an action movie, busy parents abandoning a little girl and her dog for days or the General Manager looking to boost the hotel’s renown by setting up a fake rockstar suicide.


Imagine if someone had unchecked access to your life, to your drawers, your private diary. Someone who could discover the literal and metaphorical secrets you keep hidden in your closet. Well, I was that someone.
I was paid $11 an hour to work as a maid in a luxury hotel – the perfect mirror of society where class, prejudice, responsibility, fame and value clash on a daily basis. I met billionaires desperate to stay anonymous, drug lords on vacation and infamous stars or statesmen deciding the fate of the world.
I know how hard they work to conceal the inherent comedy between the exterior image they project and the interior truth they keep hidden. Dirty is all about the comic consequences of taking ourselves too seriously. As each week the maids face a new challenge via a new guest, I will use satire to highlight these hypocrisies of modern life.
If after watching the show you tip the maids next time you go to a hotel, I will consider myself successful. I will have made them proud.

When high life meets low morals in a luxury hotel, it’s up to four maids to clean up the mess.
Paul Cioran

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Horia Calugareanu


production notes

original title

Comedy, Drama