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Sven Huybrechts, Koen Van Sande, David Vermander



As a teenager Renée - a charming charlatan - ran away from her sleepy hometown to the big city. Now, fifteen years later she struggles to survive poverty. A fat criminal record and her spicy personality put her on the verge of imprisonment. When her estranged father dies, he leaves little behind, but an old house and a dusty pigeon coop. And if there’s one thing she hates more than her family, it’s those damn roof poopers. Unlike Nest, her mentally challenged brother who is a devoted pigeon whisperer. Renée just wants to sell the house and use the money to stay out of jail, knowing full well her brother will be sent to a mental institution. But when she learns pigeon racing is a multimillion dollar business and Nest has a promising champion in his coop she decides to move in with him. Determined to make a fortune, she dives into the flamboyant world of pigeon racing, but soon discovers that the powerful Chinese gambling mafia rules the sports with an iron fist: doping is rife, extortion, money laundering, kidnapping… even murder.


Strengthened by the cooperation with our national public network VRT, Cartouche is convinced that this story will get every opportunity to grow into a strong series. The genre, which we describe as “flamboyant crime comedy” was already visible in our previous series Glad Ijs aka The Kidnapping of Phil Frisco (2022). We aim for a colorful and highly energetic tonality, with a full-blown ensemble cast that stands out in a story that appeals to a large and diverse audience. Not only in Flanders but also internationally. Flemish pigeon racing is once again ready to conquer the world!

When a charming charlatan and her mentally challenged brother inherit an expensive racing pigeon, they become entangled in the violent web of the Chinese gambling mafia.
Sven Huybrechts

Writer, Film Director, Television

Koen Van Sande

Film Director

David Vermander

Production, Film Director

production notes

original title

Crime, Drama