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Storms Named After Women

Isabel Muruzábal Lamberti, Stienette Bosklopper


Nicaraguan Herbal-life peddler Betty (40) has been living in Spain for 12 years. She is in a relationship with the charming but slightly alcoholic Spanish widower Juan (63). To cover for the many repairs of his pre-war flat in the centre of Madrid, they let two rooms to undocumented immigrants: the feisty Venezuelan Mariëlla (56) who is recently divorced and the rather aloof Colombian nightcrawler Wendy (26).
When Betty returns home one day, she finds the provocative Yoli (21) and her baby son Sebastián at her door, looking for a temporary place to stay. It soon becomes clear that the two new flat mates are not only turning everything upside down but are also stirring up old desires in Betty and the other residents. Juan's son also resurfaces, trying to claim the flat for himself and his family.
After her break-up with Juan, Betty visits her sister in Nicaragua. In Madrid everyone goes their own way until they meet again on a rainy day.


In this film I want to celebrate the resilience and strength of female Latin American immigrants in Spain. Women of different backgrounds and age who traveled on their own to another continent, finding each other coincidentally along the way while renting rooms in shared apartments. My film is centered around such a temporary household of strangers. The four female characters portrayed in my film are fierce, imperfect individuals that are not always easy to live under the same roof with. I want to show that the bonds they create can be complicated and messy but are in unexpected ways also intimate, beautiful and essential. Storms Named After Women is the story of four female immigrants struggling, each in their own way, with being ‘home’ in another country. Under the harsh fluorescent lights of a wintery Madrid, they find something close to it in each other.

A run-down flat in the centre of Madrid offers a temporary home to four Latin American women.
Isabel Muruzábal Lamberti

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Stienette Bosklopper


production notes

original title
Tormentas con nombre de mujer

produced byCirce Films
Da Costakade 176 HS
1053 XE, Amsterdam

total production budget
€ 1,752,500.00