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Summer and Alyah

Isabelle Schapira


Summer, 13, lives with her sister Alyah, 15. Following the death of their mother, the two girls were raised by their survivalist father in nature far from the contemporary world. Summer, shy and withdrawn, idolizes Alyah who has one obsession: protect her from the outside world. When Alyah causes an accident with a policeman to "protect her family", their father takes the blame and is imprisoned. Shocked, the girls are forced to go and live with their aunt Valérie who has been desperately looking for them for years. Unable to adjust to their new family, Alyah wants to flee and join their stepmother Myriam. But Summer is torn between her desire to emancipate herself from her sister and the fear of breaking their fusional love. Summer will make a choice: let Alyah go at the risk of losing her.


I'm making this film to understand the path of resilience and to explore the question of why, after a trauma, some will succeed in adapting and others will not. How come two sisters, where the older one is on the surface better equipped to adapt since she has more experience, ultimately it is the youngest who is able to manage and move on? What is hidden behind their dynamic?
This story will continue to explore the construction of female identity in childhood. My vision is that most of the time, growing up means dealing with chaos. Summer explores the complex feelings she has towards her sister. She will have to grow by emancipating herself from her system of values. She will choose to say goodbye even when gaining her freedom means losing her family. I want to explore the paradox of being better while separated.
For this luminous and energetic drama, where deep nature confronts the rules of society, I will, as in my previous films, work with a combination of professional and non-professional cast. I aim to stay very close to the young actresses.

Two sisters will set off far from their world at the cost of their bond.
Isabelle Schapira


production notes

produced byHÉLICOTRONC
66, rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies
1060, Brussels

total production budget
€ 2,000,000.00