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Five Times My Father Forgot His Bag

Dragomir Sholev


During the time of communism in Bulgaria, at a gas station, Dimitar loses his bag filled with his savings of socialist money, soon to be worthless. Some years pass until, Dimitar loses his bag containing an English Grammar book necessary for the new era of political transformation. A decade later, in a time of big crisis, Dimitar's bag is stolen from his car and he is blackmailed to get his documents back. Dimitar retires. He is arrested because he has forgotten his bag in a hotel lounge and it is mistaken for a terrorist bomb. While being interrogated in the police station he realises that he has failed as a father. At the end of his life in the hospital Dimitar is trying to remember where his bag is. Dimitar’s son is there and they talk about the past and the missed moments. They hug for the first time.


The story of Dimitar's family is almost autobiographical and based on almost real events. It is inspired by my family and is based on my personal observations over the years. But the plot was not conceived by a necessity to expose personal details. It was conceived when I realised that my family's otherwise unique story was repeated and followed patterns characteristic of thousands of other families who experienced a similar fate during the transition through three different eras. Our personal history is not so personal. It is this duality that will be the greatest challenge for me in the upcoming project. I plan to tell this story with 5 different casts, and in each of the 5 stories the characters will be played by different actors (of the corresponding age), each participating with their own character and expressiveness, but all of them performing uniform acting tasks, focusing on building a common virtual image. This will be the aggregate of all 5 individual interpretations.

Dimitur was always trying to find his bag not realising he was missing something very important.
Dragomir Sholev

Film Director

production notes

original title

produced byKLAS Film
156 Kniaz Boris I str.
1000, Sofia

in co-production with
Micro Film - Romania

total production budget
€ 930,000.00