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Masha Kondakova


In the summer 2021, Sasha, a young female sniper, comes back home from the war with Russia in the East of Ukraine on a short leave. She is excited to see her father, a forester and eco activist in the West of Ukraine, but she returns to find he has sold the house and disappeared. Feeling betrayed, Sasha investigates her father's disappearance which leads her to a group of loggers that get rich by illegally exporting lumber to Europe. Her uncle, a local politician, encourages her to stay home and help him shape the future of their town. Sasha helps with his reelection campaign as she gets closer and closer to the real answer she is looking for: her father interfered with the illegal logging business which led to his death. As Sasha gets closer to the truth, the loggers start to hunt her. When she turns to her uncle for support, she discovers that he too is part of the scheme and was complicit in her father's death. Sasha has to decide whether to confront her uncle and the loggers or save herself? Willing to avenge her father’s death, Sasha goes into her last fight.


I grew up near the forest in Kyiv that I admired as a child. Today, I understand more deeply the ecological need in a forest and the dangerous consequences of it disappearing. Over the past 20 years, deforestation in the mountains of Western Ukraine has become catastrophic. The market for illegal logging in Ukraine is estimated at €1 billion. This situation has made people complacent and many are now attracted by the relatively easy money. Without the trees, the mountains collapse and floods wreck homes and roads. It is urgent for me to talk about this crisis in my homeland.
Warrior is a thriller with elements of action which explores the matter of values, beliefs. The conflict between indifference and awareness that I lived when I came back home from the frontline. Sasha feels that the values she fought for have been betrayed. But the world did not really change, it is her who now sees it differently. The raw and natural light accentuates the realistic dimension of the story. The organic camera becomes the witness of the emergency in which the main character lives.

A female sniper returns from the frontline to her home, but has to fight a different battle.
Masha Kondakova

Film Director

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produced byContemporary Ukrainian Cinema
Prorizna 22, of.24