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The Outside

Victor Moreno, Judith Alzola


Ana and Alexander's space shuttle crashes in the middle of a desolate and barren landscape. Despite their hi-tech equipment, it takes them two days to realize they are stranded on their own planet: Earth. Alexander, a data-driven engineer, insists on following the protocol. Ana, a test subject on fertility and reproduction experiments in outer space, acts unsupportive and aloof. With their communication channels inoperative and running out of water, they are forced to venture into the desert. The unbearable heat and sand storms make them fear an impending doom. However, among the dust haze, they encounter a shepherd; a peculiar old lady who travels with her goats. Unable to speak the language, they must adapt to her way of life in order to survive. The shepherd soon senses Ana's soul is trapped by dark demons that must be cleansed. She takes the astronauts to the depths of a cave where she performs a healing ritual that induces Ana into a cathartic state. This experience will renew the astronauts' views on space travel and encourage them to face a new beginning back on Earth.


The strange desire human beings have to leave the planet has made me wonder about the impulse for space colonization. Researching current space programs, I realised that, paradoxically, while we prepare to travel to other worlds, we are still discovering unknown aspects of our own planet. So I asked myself: what would happen if astronauts visited Earth? Historically presented as heroes of paradigms of scientific knowledge and technological mastery, in The Outside, the astronauts have to survive stranded in a primitive landscape without the help of technology. A shepherd guides them in a form of nomad life. A journey that takes them back to a time when we roamed the deserts, hunting, admiring gods that lived in the sky. My hallucinatory vision shows Earth as a primitive world, with all the beauty and mystery of our planet. The desert is the scenery of this adventure film about the technological human being and their relationship with our planet in a time when we are obsessed with leaving it. I continue to be surprised that human beings believe that it is possible to dominate the universe.

“The Outside” connects the riddles of the universe with the darkness of the cavern.
Victor Moreno

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

Judith Alzola

Scriptwriter, Writer

production notes

original title
El Exterior

produced byKINO PRAVDA
Garcilaso de la Vega Numero 40 Bloque 4 6-izquierda
38005, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Islas Canarias, Spain

total production budget
€ 1,202,660.00