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Until the Day Ends

Jelena Maksimovic


As protestors take to the streets in a wild riot, a young woman, Lena, escapes the misery of her patriarchal family. She meets Stefan who came to take away her beloved piano as a settlement of her brother's debt and starts flirting with him out of spite for her family. However, she soon realises that, despite obvious ideological differences, they share the desire to be accepted, to be free. As the night carries them on the waves of the city in turmoil, they search for a way forward. The two join the protest, where the situation escalates. As the tear gas is deployed against the protestors, and bricks and rocks fly through the air, a man hits the ground, his head bleeding. Stefan realizes it was him who struck the police officer with a rock. The lovers must flee to nature – the only possible shelter - he, in search of redemption, she, in search of her heart.


During the pandemic, the feeling of isolation and irreversible change I experienced as a teenager throughout the '99 bombings in Belgrade came back to me, as well as the period of intense revolt that followed. Then I met sixteen-year-old Lena and she reminded me of the teenage rebel I once was. With this film, I want to express this maladjustment, and intolerance towards imposed things and give voice to a young girl’s experience which mirrors mine. The film will be one breath of youth, with elements of a broader socio-political context: the demonstrations in Belgrade in July 2020 and the general chaos of the contemporary moment. I want to explore possibility of a connection between two young people who belong to opposing social currents. They fall in love amid chaos. After that, the film is dominated by a general sense of fear and paranoia, the defining experience of the previous years. Finally, I superimpose pictures of current environmental problems with the teenagers’ connection to nature as the only space in which the idea of love can be born even for a moment.

Two teenagers protesting political repression must flee, taking with them only their love and a dog.
Jelena Maksimovic

Filmmaker, Director, Editor, Scriptwriter

production notes

original title
Do kraja dana

produced byTaurunum Films

in co-production with
Meander Film - Montenegro

total production budget
€ 765,000.00