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Masakra Profana

Kristoffer Rus, Jarosław Stawirej

Poland, Sweden


Christopher, a successful young marketing manager, finds himself face to face with… the Virgin Mary. The apparition comes to him as a shock. Especially when considering that he is not exactly a follower.
As a matter of fact he is more of a hedonist, shamelessly reveling in sex, drugs and other earthly pleasures. So, when Virgin Mary informs him that he has to give up all of these in order to serve God, the downward spiral is inevitable.
Christopher looses his celebrity girlfriend (who thinks he went insane), his job (stigmata turn out to be against the company policy) and eventually he ends up on the street with a big dilemma to solve: shall he surrender to God’s will or try to revolt against it and stay faithful to his profane life style.
The dilemma becomes even more complex when Christopher manages to turn not only his own world upside down, but God’s world as well.


The life of a saint is not an easy job… You cannot get wasted at an after work party, nor go dancing at a hip nightclub. You cannot even flirt with a girl without upsetting the catholic community. So what is left to do? Pray and heal people all day long? Well, choosing Jesus as your savior can be a smart decision, but what would you do if Jesus chose you?
Masakra Profana is a black comedy about a marketing manager who, against his will, has been assigned by God as his earthly representative. The unfortunate adventure of our protagonist can be a good laugh, but it can also serve as a tool to address some of the common anxieties of our times.
Do we have to believe in something?
Does the lack of faith make you an inferior human being?
Can we get rid of religion?
And what is this year’s hottest sport car?

An encounter with God turns a simple hedonist into a fierce atheist.
Kristoffer Rus

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Jarosław Stawirej


production notes

directed by
Kristoffer Rus

produced byOtter Films
Dabrowskiego 82f/16
02-571, Warsaw

written by
Jarosław Stawirej

total production budget
€ 1.500.000