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Pigs on the Wind

Stergios Paschos, Phaedra Vokali



Thomas is a 30-year-old film director in contemporary Athens. His great talent can only be matched by his infuriating arrogance, so when his first film tanks, Thomas finds himself humiliated and swamped in debt. Thomas’ life utterly sucks, until he sees the light in the face of an almighty producer, Max. The thing is, Max produces meat.
In fact, he is the biggest producer of pork meat in Europe, and he informs Thomas that they have found that pigs are sensitive to images and sound. What we call movies. Their response to the movies affects the hormones that they produce and if you show them the appropriate movie just before you kill them you can have meat with a divine taste.
In their research to find the perfect movie, they discovered that Thomas’ failed first film was highly appreciated by his farm pigs.
This is why Max needs Thomas to direct the ultimate “pig movie”.
Is it a tacky joke? A scientific revolution? Or a true artistic calling?
Thomas, hesitant at first, but in need of money, accepts the job.
Throughout the process, he will fall in love with an ingenious female scientist that works in the lab, Margarita, and, thanks to her, he will end up making his most personal film. That is – a total failure with the pigs.

Devastated, he will have to get back to his roots, in order to reinvent himself and discover what it really takes to give pork a taste of heaven.


It is a fine line between the tragic and the ridiculous, and this is exactly what challenges me most about this film. Pigs on the Wind constantly balances on that thin rope: around the film’s central idea – a man that makes a movie for pigs to see before their slaughter so that they taste better – grows an allegory so powerful that it might even be misinterpreted. What is the meaning of the artistic creation? Is the audience innocent? And, most importantly, how far can a man go to find his own voice?
At first glance, Pigs on the Wind explores the delicate and savage world of the film industry with a funny twist. However, this is not just a movie about movies. In a local film market that is currently mostly preoccupied with the economic meltdown, I did not wish to refer directly to the overused theme, although the film resonates its allegory and impact rather clearly. Greece is in the forefront of a European crisis, it is not only a crisis of finances, but also one that challenges the value system established in the 20th century. When Thomas signs his Faustian contract with the all-mighty producer, he has to literally get blood on his hands in order to earn his living. The core of the movie lies in this very process, where Thomas will attempt to find out who he really is.
Pigs on the Wind aspires to be a very dense film that, however, never loses touch with its surreal comic origins.

budget & financing

With the project currently heading towards its 3rd draft, after intensive work in TorinoFilmLab’s Script&Pitch and FrameWork programmes, we are looking for co-producers in France or Germany. We have a Croatian co-producer (Zdenka Gold of Spiritus Movens) in place, our lead actor (awarded Haris Fragkoulis) and the support of the Greek Film Centre with its Development Fund (€ 12.000 received in 2nd stage, now applying to the 3rd for € 12.000 more). Also, € 20.000 have already been invested in the project by a private equity partner. We plan to apply for the Main Production Fund of the GFC (maximum € 200.000), as well as to the film support sector of the new National Broadcaster, NERIT (€ 180.000). After having established our third partner, we plan to submit an application to Eurimages. In FrameWork we wish to lay the foundation for a successful shooting in Spring of 2016. We are determined to make this film by any means possible, despite all difficulties that arise from Greece’s current situation.

distribution & sales

With our local film market facing a paradigm shift, we will focus our marketing efforts on international audiences – incorporating of course strategic planning on a national level. The film’s world premiere and the choice of a sales agent are crucial for the distribution strategy and its timetable. Our goal is to premiere the film at an A List Film Festival in 2017. Cannes’ A Certain Regard would be the perfect fit, but also a spot in the parallel programmes (Critic’s Week, Directors’ Fortnight) would secure the film the necessary visibility to boost sales in Europe and elsewhere. The timeframe would be perfect for the world premiere to take place in one of the top European Festivals (Cannes, Venice) or Toronto. With that in place, it is fairly certain that the project will later have a successful festival presence around the world. Apart from enhancing sales, this will give the film credentials for the local market (which is not massively interested in first features by young directors), following the example set by other independent Greek films with a strong festival presence. The co-producers and sales agent will of course help shape the distribution plan further.

Thomas needs to make the best film of his life for an audience of pigs. What does a masterpiece taste like?
Stergios Paschos

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Phaedra Vokali


production notes

original title
Gourounia ston Anemo

directed by
Stergios Paschos

produced byMarni Films
Mnisikleous 12
10556, Athens

in co-production with
Spiritus Movens - Croatia

total production budget
€ 700.000