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Matheus Parizi



Fabio (47), a political theatre director, is abandoned by his actors after years of unpaid research. Broke, in artistic and marital crisis, he is offered a job by a first-time producer: directing the theatre debut of the writer Jonas, a millionaire production. A Spiritist (a Brazilian Christian Reincarnationist), Jonas affirms the disembodied will write the play through his hands. Fabio is surrounded by his judgmental wife and acquaintances, but accepts to direct it using a pseudonym.
He has three months to stage a play as it is written. To preserve his anonymity he convinces non-actors to embark on the show. But Jonas writes slowly and presents an incoherent script. The premiere approaches, the troupe and sponsors are uneasy and his marriage is in ruins, while paranormal events de-structure his routine.
Sick of the farce he created, Fabio decides to take matters into his own hands. But this will impose irreversible changes in his life. Such as his meeting with the spirit of Bertolt Brecht.


Fabio needs to break free from an idea that haunts him: his strict idea of what a director should be and the role of political theatre for the transformation of society. Hiding behind his orthodox method, detached from the world around him, he forgot the feeling that led him to be a director. His endless research process is the symptom of a fear he will need to face.
Incorporating elements from farce and comedy of errors to its satiric logic, Psycography values eccentricity, surprising revelations and the irony of human behavior. The narrative is led by a dry sarcastic tone. Slow-paced and explosive moments alternate, using rhythm to enhance its humor. Suspense and supernatural phenomena are explored to create a zone of transit between the living and the dead. Psycography is structured as a self-reflexive film, where the transformations that the play directed by Fabio goes through are a reflection of the internal transformations lived by the character.
Hired by his inexperienced producer, contacting the spirit of his hero, working with non-actors, becoming involved in their struggles, learning their frailties and getting in touch with his feelings, Fabio will exorcise an idea to be given back his vocation.

Ideas are powerful. People live for them, die for them, come back from the dead for them.
Matheus Parizi

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Matheus Parizi

produced byAvoa Filmes
Rua Aimberé, 1871 cj 302
01258-020, Sao Paulo

in co-production with
Iatus Artes - Brazil

Looking for possible coproducers in Argentina and Germany, due to project’s profile. Initiating submission for government funds combined with private investment.

total production budget
€ 310.000

current financial need
€ 300.000