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Frozen Fire

Eicke Bettinga



Family can be a prison. What can a young person growing up in an increasingly rapid world desire, other than simply being accepted for who he or she is? In this story I want to explore the way that our outer and inner pressures are informing who we are - told through the eyes of a young man in search of answers.
What Markus feels for Ah-Wei allows him to be truthful. At the same time Ah-Wei represents a danger, which again in itself bears an attraction to Markus. I am fascinated by the idea of these very contrasting extremes, placed within a universal love story set in East and West, that takes us from European suburbia all the way to the mountains of Taiwan. Only at the very end, in a place totally foreign to him and confronted by the forces of nature, is Markus able to disconnect from his demons as he begins to define himself.
I would like to create a film that switches boldly between intense emotional impact and gentle moments. A visceral, cinematic experience to literally make us feel the protagonist’s pain on his journey towards simplicity.

A young man’s urge for answers leads to an encounter of passion and violence.
Eicke Bettinga

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

directed by
Eicke Bettinga

produced byFlabbergasted Films
Mittenwalder Str. 27
10961, Berlin

in co-production with
Seeking producers/co-producers

written by
Eicke Bettinga, Samuel Huang