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Interchange 2011

The Interchange programme was created with the aim of building cooperation between film professionals from Europe and the Arab world through the in-depth development of up to 12 film projects (teams of writer/director & producer) every year.

The second edition, held in 2011, confirmed the value of this innovative cultural-business bridge complementing needs and expectations between the EU and Arab film world. Through 2 workshops (1 in Turin and 1 in Dubai) and midway on-line tutoring sessions, participants developed their scripts and prepared to a final pitch at DFC (Dubai Film Connection - the largest co-production market between Europe and the Arab world with industry attendees from both areas) in December 2011. Interchange largely benefits from EAVE’s and TorinoFilmLab’s expertise in the field of continuous training, as well as from the experience of both organisations in working with the Dubai International Film Festival and the Gulf Film Festival.

The 8-month 2011 intensive programme included: story development, script analysis and editing, co-production strategy aspects (from production to law-finance, from sales-distribution to exhibition) and pitching techniques. The 11 teams of participants worked in groups in various combinations under the guidance of 4 full-time tutors. An important novelty of the 2011 edition was the introduction of 3 story editor trainees, each working in depth on 4 projects under the supervision of a tutor. Besides the abovementioned tutors, 9 different experts/trainers were brought in in order to convey knowledge on different areas.

The structure and methodology of the programme allowed participants to thoroughly develop their projects and become able to network with the industry, through confronting and exchanging thoughts and know-how.



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