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Writers' Room

Writers' Room 2014


TARGET PARTICIPANTS: professionals working across or wanting to explore different platforms and media. Applicants with backgrounds such as: writer/directors, story architects, games writers, audience engagement designers, crossmedia developers, writers (web, TV, journalists, etc.) and producers.

N.B. Applications accepted from MEDIA-eligible countries.

Participants can apply in two ways:

- with a cross-platform project - fiction based and documentary narratives that extend to more than one platform are applicable. Projects with a feature film or web series element included are prioritized.
- as developers – without a project

We will select 4 projects and 2 developers for 2014.

DURATION: 3 week-long residential workshops in March, June and November 2014 + 2 on-line sessions.

FEE: 2.000 Euro for project holders; 1.000 Euro for developers.


About the Writers’ Room process
The Writers’ Room is a project development training for European film & media professionals, focusing on cross-platform stories and a team-based process. The programme, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and Flanders Audiovisual Fund, is realized in collaboration with Power to the Pixel and in partnership with University College Ghent School of Arts and Media City.

The Writers’ Room focuses on the process of developing 4 cross-platform projects within a team over the course of 3 workshops. The selected team works in a group context where the 4 authors are joined by 2 developers, under the guidance of tutors Gino Ventriglia and Marietta von Hauswolff von Baumgarten. Valeria Richter, the Writers’ Room Head of Studies, is also part of the team and additional trainers will be brought in “on a need-to-know basis” for their insight and feedback.

The group will workshop the 4 projects through 9 months of development, demonstrating a five-step process: Discovery, Research, Brainstorm, Prototyping and Prioritization culminating in the TFL Meeting Event in Torino where the projects and developers will present their results.

This hands-on experience will allow participants to hone their skills while being part of a team, learning how to work with other professionals on creating an interdisciplinary cross-platform project.

Focus areas will be decided depending on the needs of the selected projects and the combined sets of experiences in the group. We strive to bring together team members from different fields of storytelling and with diverse backgrounds as it supports the collaborative process.

The aim of the workshop is to enrich the projects by exploring and analysing various components (live events, web, mobile apps, games, film, alternate reality game, etc.), looking at how to best develop, write, envision and plan them, while supporting the individual skills of each team member.

Who can apply?
Applications are accepted from all EU countries as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The Writers’ Room is aimed at professionals with experience from various platforms and media. Applicants have had backgrounds such as writer/directors, story architects, game writers, audience engagement designers, crossmedia developers, writers (web, TV, journalists, etc.) and producers.

Applicants are encouraged to keep in mind that the Writers’ Room is about the process, learning and testing development strategies and immersing oneself in a collaborative exploration of the challenges of cross-platform project development. Based on the experience from previous Writers’ Rooms, teams become very involved in the work and in each other’s projects, creating collaborations that extend beyond the workshop. We aim to keep up this positive effect!

Any questions with regard to the Writers’ Room workshops and process may be sent to the Head of Studies, Valeria Richter, who works closely with the tutors in the planning and execution of the workshops: /

Participation fees
Course participation fee for project holders (from all eligible countries):
2.000 Euro.
Course participation fee for developers (from all eligible countries): 1.000 Euro.

These amounts cover workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence during the workshops. Participants must pay all travel costs. In many countries bursaries and scholarships are available for this kind of training.

How to apply
Up to 4 projects are selected.
Up to 2 developers are selected.

The requested application materials for project holders are (all in PDF):
- application form A (downloadable from the TorinoFilmLab website);
- an updated CV (3 pages maximum);
- previous works – attached as PDF and/or links to websites/images/videos*
- synopsis of the main story platform content (1 page maximum);
- project description (4 pages maximum), including:

  • the current stage of development of the project;
  • the main components and how they relate to each other;
  • which part of the project you see as most in need of the support of  the Writers’ Room process and what it can provide;
  • whether other people/companies are involved and how;
  • whether the project has received any development funding yet.

The requested application materials for developers are (all in PDF):

- application form B (downloadable from the TorinoFilmLab website);
- an updated CV (3 pages maximum);
- a motivation letter, explaining why you would like to take part in the programme and a note on your previous experience with teamwork;
- previous works – attached as PDF and/or links to websites/images/videos*

*Submitted materials must be in English or have English subtitles/translation. Videos must be received by the TorinoFilmLab staff along with the application package no later than November 11th 2013.

Please e-mail the files, all in English and in separate PDF documents to:


The Selected projects of Writers’ Room must indicate the TorinoFilmLab support in the opening and closing credits, or by individual agreement for cross-platform projects, by clearly displaying the TorinoFilmLab Logo, and the caption: "Supported by TorinoFilmLab".




Workshops & on-line sessions

1st residential workshop: 10-16 March 2014 (Ghent, Belgium)
2nd residential workshop: June 2014 (5 working days, location to be confirmed);
3rd residential workshop and final pitch: 21-27 November 2014 (Turin, Italy)