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Audience design

Audience design 2014


European film and media professionals interested in gaining further hands-on experience in working on audience awareness and engagement strategies for independent and art-house film projects in development.
Teams of writer/director & producer from MEDIA-eligible countries with a project that participated either in Script&Pitch or AdaptLab in the two years preceding the call for applications (2012 and 2013).

Applications accepted from all MEDIA-eligible countries (EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

DURATION: 2 week-long residential workshops in June and November 2014 + 2 on-line sessions.

FEE: none.


About AudienceDesign
TorinoFilmLab presents the new call for applications aimed at European film, media & digital professionals willing to gain hands-on experience in creating audience engagement strategies for international, independent film projects in development, and at project teams of writer/director & producer working on a feature project previously developed within TorinoFilmLab. The collaboration is based on a group context where the Audience Designers work on a film project over the course of 2 workshops and 2 online sessions – presenting the developed strategy at the yearly TFL Meeting Event in November 2014.

Early audience awareness and different levels of audience engagement are an important part of the new film development landscape; the roads towards reaching and communicating with possible audiences multiply and diversify rapidly and need to be explored from every angle.

Audience Design aims at defining possible steps to build, reach and activate audiences during a film’s development to acquire a sense for what the core of the project is and how to explore the story world in an audience-perspective.

Going beyond the creative film marketing approach and using storytelling as a driving force to build strategies on how to reach potential audiences on a wide array of platforms, the programme allows Audience Designers to work directly with filmmakers and producers on TorinoFilmLab projects. The approach is open, playful and experimental – encouraging participants to explore new ways of communicating content. This pioneering process leads to a final presentation of the results in front of the Decision Makers invited to the TFL Meeting Event in November, during the Torino Film Festival.

The 4 Audience Designers will work on 2 TorinoFilmLab feature projects together with the respective teams of writer/director and producer. Lena Thiele and Valeria Richter, Heads of Studies and tutors, will guide the participants - through the whole development, planning and presentation process - in the collaborative work on the design of audience engagement strategies for the films.

The first on-line session is aimed at preparation and mutual acquaintance of the participants. The first workshop allows in-depth analysis of and brainstorming on the projects. In the second on-line session the Audience Designers continue to collaborate with the project teams sharing tools and preparing the strategies for the second workshop, which includes the public presentation of the results at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event.

Audience Designers are expected to take responsibility for their pre-selected project and to manage the collaboration with the filmmaker, i.e. setting deadlines, preparing materials and coordinating the communication within the team, supported by their professional mentors.

Who can apply?
European film & media professionals who have relevant, documented experience in creating and producing new narrative formats that engage audiences across different platforms and media, and can span a combination of film, TV, online, interactive and gaming, such as story architects, audience engagement managers, online content developers, social media managers, distributors and creative producers.

Teams of writer/director & producer from MEDIA-eligible countries with a project that participated in either Script&Pitch or AdaptLab in the two years preceding the call for applications (2012 & 2013).

Please note only professionals from EU and MEDIA-eligible countries can apply.


More information

1st on-line session: May-June 2014
1st residential workshop: 14-21 June 2014 (Brignogan, France) 
2nd on-line session: July-November 2014
2nd residential workshop and Meeting Event: 23-27 November 2014 (Turin, Italy)