Marco Armando Piccinini



Marco Armando Piccinini is a director graduated from the National Film School(CSC), after earning a first degree in Design at Politecnico di Milano. In 2017 he won the Armani Lab international competition, thanks to which he will shoot an 11' short for Giorgio Armani, A Jacket, starring Sara Serraiocco, Lorenzo Richelmy and Greta Ferro(first time on screen), flanked by exceptional mentors, such as Michele Placido, Luca Bigazzi, Gabriella Pescucci, Patrizio Marone, Paki Meduri, Alessandro Lai, Aldo Signoretti, Maurizio Silvi, Francesca Marciano. Since 2013 he has worked with several production companies in Milan directing many television and web commercials for (among others) Barilla, Breil, Lavazza, Nutella, Coop, Aia, Aboca, Crivelli, Galbani, Bindi, Findus, Adecco, ClearBlue. In 2017 he shoots and produces the short film 'The End', about the last thirty seconds of a love story, starring Sara Mondello. In the summer of 2018 he made a documentary short for LinkforAid, called 'The sound of Images', shot in Myanmar, featuring eight young students with hearing impairments. In February of the same year he made a short film for Pyari Onlus in West Bengal, India, called Raising the Dust, with the voice of Ottavia Piccolo, dealing with the issue of child trafficking in small villages. In 2019 he was selected for the intensive course in acting direction held by Gabriele Muccino and wrote with Alessandro Padovani the subject of the film "Il Sarto di anime", for the production companies Kinè and Aidel in collaboration with the fashion house Brioni, leader of the project. At the beginning of 2020 he shoots the short film 'Liver shot'. He is part of AIR3, the Italian directors Association. Filmography: -The End (2017) -A Jacket (2018) -Sound of images (documentario) (2019) -Alzare la polvere (documentario) (2019) -Sangue del mio sangue (2020) represented by Twelve Entertainment:

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